Rufus Wilde
Basic Information
Race Human - Demon
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Personal Information
Affiliations Grand Chase
Lass (brother)
Job Classes
Bounty Hunter • Soul Stalker • Executioner • Arbiter
Eyeteeth • Nether Blade • Rupture • Soul Arbiter



1st Job: Bounty Hunter - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Soul Stalker - Skill Tree

3rd Job: Executioner - Skill Tree

4th Job: Arbiter - Skill Tree


Main InfoEditEdit

  • Name: Rufus Wilde
  • Age: Unknown
  • Favorite Activities: Unknown
  • Pet Peeves: Unknown

After being abandoned and driven by his resentment towards his estranged father, Rufus Wilde (or Lupus) set out to surpass his father’s abilities and become one of the world’s greatest bounty hunters. He spent many years as a lone wolf honing his skills and perfecting his deadly trade, and after the end of a lengthy pursuit in the Mundane World, Rufus prepared to return to the Underworld until he suddenly discovered an enigmatic blue flame.

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