Ronan Erudon
Basic Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Personal Information
Home Continent Bermesiah
Hometown Kanavan
Affiliations Kanavan Royal Guard, Grand Chase
Job Classes
Spell Knight • Dragon Knight • Aegis Knight • Abyss Knight
Spell Sword • Glaive • Sword & Shield • Tyrfing


[hide]*1 Ronan



1st Job: Spell Knight - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Dragon Knight - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Aegis Knight - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Abyss Knight - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEditEdit

  • Name: Ronan Erudon Grandchase Wiki
  • Age: 19
  • Favorite Activity: Saving the Weak.
  • Pet Peeve: Shadow Orb.

Ronan is a descendant of the Erudon family, the legendary family of Spell Knights in Kanavan. He was a Royal Guard Master whose duty was to protect the Kanavan Royal Family. His mind was being controlled by Kaze’aze who invaded the kingdom, but he regained control when the Grand Chase came to the rescue and shattered the Shadow Orb. Ronan then realized something wasn’t right when a series of mysterious events took place. First the invasion of Dark Anmon and then the discovery of the passage to the New World. Seeing all that had happened, he decided to join the Grand Chase force and investigate more about the New World.These events above take place in the Korean comics, or "manhwa," of Grand Chase and in accordance to Ronan's profile on the North American Grand Chase (NAGC) website.

In the game, the Kanavan Queen ordered Ronan to defeat Gaikoz, but also advised him to seek help from the Grand Chase. As the Grand Chase passed the Gorge of Oath, Ronan asked the Grand Chase to assist him in defeating Gaikoz, one of Kaze'aze's generals. After Gaikoz's defeat, Ronan wants to help Grand Chase to stop evil and joins them. There were no signs of Ronan being possessed.