Mari Ming Onette
Basic Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown (~15)
Personal Information
Home Continent Archimedia
Hometown Kounat
Affiliations Grand Chase
Job Classes
Rune Caster • Gunslinger • Polaris • Geas
Grimoire • Maverick • Magic Mallet • Soul Taker


[hide]*1 Mari



1st Job: Rune Caster - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Gunslinger - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Polaris - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Geas - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEditEdit

  • Name: Mari Ming Onette Grandchase Wiki
  • Age: Unknown (~15)
  • Likes: Speed reading, things that spark her interest.
  • Dislikes: Cacophony, the ordinary.

Mari is the last remaining survivor of an ancient kingdom once known as "Kounat." Having lost her memory, Mari no longer remembers who she is or where she is from. Mari possesses rune casting skills and magical abilities previously unheard of in this area of the world. She is immensely curious about the unknown and fascinated by subjects new to her. While satiating her curiosity by researching the monsters found inside the Temple of Destruction, Mari found herself face to face with the Grand Chase. Having her curiosity piqued by the Highlanderskills of Sieghart, Mari decides to join them.

From BRGC's "Level Up!" Magazine: Except for the artifacts that are scattered around the world, Mari is the last person left from the great and ancient kingdom known as Calnat (Kounat). For no known reason, this place belonging to the region of Arquimidia (Archimedia) completely disappeared.

It is possible that Mari could remember who or what caused such devastation. However, in some moment of her history, her memory was completely erased. This amnesia wasn’t capable of making her forget her name and her love for magic, mechanics and robotics.

Being alone was enough as she didn't like noises or long conversations. Because of that, she remained alone for a long time just reading; nothing made her happier than satisfying her curiosity. After years of study and using her natural magic capacity, Mari managed to recreate some of the technology of Calnat. In one of her books, she found inscriptions about the Temple of Destruction.

Mari thus traveled there. She wasn’t interested in the rare artifacts, or the corrupt gods or the challenges she could find. She only wanted to study the technology behind the hydraulic machinery of the building. Suddenly, she saw a group of nine adventurers. One caught her attention: he hadblack hair and a certain aura of arrogance.

Even though she didn’t have any memories, Mari felt that, somehow, something was connected to that man. Was he from her people? Was he a friend or someone that saved her? Then, a girl with long red hair called him, “Sieghart.” That name echoed in her thoughts for a couple of minutes. And, with no apparent reason, Mari thought it would be better to join them.