Ley Crimson River
Basic Information
Race Demon
Gender Female
Age Unknown (~18)
Personal Information
Affiliations Grand Chase
Job Classes
Summoner • Harbinger


[hide]*1 Ley



1st Job: Summoner - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Harbinger - Skill Tree

3rd Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEditEdit

  • Name: Ley Crimson River Grandchase Wiki
  • Age: Cannot be determined in human years, but looks about 18.
  • Favorite Activity: Being a spectator at fights, participating in fights.
  • Pet Peeve: A world with no fighting.

Power and influence had always been shared by a few powerful families in the demon world. The more extreme tribe of demons who desire Kounat's complete destruction realized after their defeat that they needed to grow their own power by seizing it from the more moderate demons who did not desire all-out destruction. The extremists, thus, began to quietly cultivate their power. One day, the strength of the extremists suddenly overwhelmed that of the moderates, and the chief of the moderate demons went missing. Ley is the daughter of one of the more powerful moderate families, the Crimson Rivers. Peter von Crimson River, the blood red ruler, began sensing that something was amiss in the demon world and put a stop to suspicious activities on the part of the Burning Canyonfamily, and to secure their allegiance, sent his daughter Ley to Aernas to find Dio, chief of the Burning Canyon family.

Ley is the haughty and coldly aloof daughter of the powerful Crimson River family, whose faithful servants run ragged trying to please her. Although she dislikes to be directly involved in fighting, she quite enjoys being a spectator, though her enjoyment is not betrayed outwardly by her emotions. There have been times when those around her became dragged into fighting because of her.