Basic Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Personal Information
Home Continent Silver Land
Affiliations Silver Knights, Grand Chase
Job Classes
Fighter • Shisa • Asura • Rama
Knuckles • Tonfa • Chamma • Vajra



1st Job: Fighter - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Shisa - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Asura - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Rama - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEditEdit

Long ago on the Xenia Continent, in a tiny village park where the children of Silver Land would play, a red-headed boy would lead the other children while playing as their general. He soon caught the eye of the Silver Knights, and was admitted as a trainee. Strangely, Silver Land broke away from Xenia. As the Grand Chase pursuedKaze’aze and further into the homeland of the Silver Knights, they sought the courage of the Silver Knights with Jin.

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