Attention Knights!!!

With regards to the GC Warehouse System, please be aware that your Warehouse counts as a separate inventory from your main one.

This is important to remember when unlocking new Seal Breaker gear.

If you have any piece of Seal Breaker gear stored in your Warehouse when attempting to unlock the Seal Breaker gear, you can and will receive duplicate pieces as the game will not recognize that you already own that piece.

Example: A Dark Rexion Lower Armor for Rin was acquired and it was put into the warehouse. Then there is a chance that a Dark Rexion Lower Amor for Rin can be acquired again.

Please keep this in mind when attempting Seal Breaker and in all other situations where items need to be in your player inventory in order to be counted.

Thank You

--Grand Chase Team


Hello GameRagers –

MoPay payment service for the Portugal region has been temporarily disabled due to technical difficulties.

(This issue does not affect MoPay users from outside of Portugal)

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

- GameRage